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Ronise Doss is an artist based in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. She specializes in printmaking, graphic design, mixed media, fiber arts, and creative direction. While Doss is a professionally trained artist, she calls upon unconventional art making processes to create conceptual works that can be explored literally and metaphorically. Using bright colors, sparkles, text, photography, and everyday items Doss’ art is majestic and raw. Her work is unapologetically loud and liberating in a world that tries to silence Black women. Her experiences as a low income Black woman inspired her to spread social justice and beauty through her artistic projects. Growing up she would paint on clothes and shoes, but those talents later blossomed into her career as a printmaker and creative director. While at Occidental College, where she studied Visual Arts and Black Studies, she created and curated for a variety of group exhibitions. One of which, (“Black Girl Magic'') was showcased in Weingart Gallery. After graduating in 2020 with an extensive portfolio of prints and custom fashion designs that centered the liberation of oppressed people, specifically Black folks, she continued her focus on art as she entered graduate school at UCLA. In 2020, Doss began to create custom fashions and collections of hoodies and t-shirts focused on giving light to Black culture, womanhood, and mental health under her fashion brand, Ronnieprints. Using fashion garments as her canvas allowed Doss to weave her art and beliefs into fashion that is not only groundbreaking, but uplifting. Her international art residencies alongside post graduate opportunities strengthened her artistry and skills through workshops, galleries, and events. Outside of creating art, she has worked as a gallery assistant for Château Shatto during the summer of 2022 in Los Angeles. Currently, in addition to show preparation for her “Homecoming” exhibition at Columbia College in Chicago, she continues to work on custom fashions, album covers, prints, and other commissions. 

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